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Save Time and Money!

How much time and money could you save every year?

Cost saving table

Table to calculate the amount of money saved per year.
(Example: Paying a person £10 per hour to hand test, if you can save 20 hours per week using ATE equipment then the yearly saving would be £10,400)

Reducing testing time by using Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) can save huge amounts of money. The hourly cost to a company is typically at least twice the hourly rate. This table covers the rate for the operator doing the testing. Setting up for a test could easily take 4 hours of valuable engineer or technician time.

There are other benefits too.

  • Your parts will be tested the same way every time. Eliminate errors.
  • Identify faults for fast rework
  • The results can be stored for you and your customer for fully Quality Control.
  • The employee is safe. What are the health and safety issues in your current testing methods. RSI? Shock Hazards?

Examples of Time Saving.

Testing Cables
  Equipment   B801 Sharon Cable tester
  Investment   850 GBP*
  Example cable   25 way D type Male to female
  Test-time including load and unload   8 Seconds
  Time to check with a buzzer   120 seconds
  Time Saved per unit   112 Seconds


B801 Sharon Cable Harness Wiring Loom Tester
25 way D type Male to female


Testing high integrity cables including 1000 Volts AC test
  Equipment   BA765 Harness loom tester with AC option
  Investment   5400 GBP*
  Example cable   80 wires. Measure resistance in Ohms using 4 wire   tester, check DC insulation at 500V D.C. and hi pot   test at 1000V AC (3 seconds per test)
  Test-time including load and unload   350 seconds. The operator can perform other tasks   during this time and will be protected from shock   risk during this time
  Time to check using stand alone instruments   3440 seconds
  Time Saved per unit   3090 Seconds

*The above prices are given as examples, the price and specification of these products may vary, please enquire for a current quotation